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Goku Takes Manhattan by having a Settlement with Crunchyroll & Funimation | Anime Lately Podcast Episode 4

November 8, 2018

Hollywood is making a Live-Action Film of Attack on Titan with the Director of “It” Andy Muschietti


A Goku float will be in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


Crunchyroll Reveals Partial List of Anime Leaving Service on November 9, Tentative List of Dubbed Anime Launching 'Soon'


Goblin Slayer is the Most Popular Anime in Fall 2018 around the world.

Q&A’s from Facebook Group Pages. Shout out to the Anime Lately Facebook Group, No Anime, No Life Facebook Group and to the Geeks + Gamers Facebook Group.


Special Thanks to Chante Wakefield, Thomas Gilkey and Chris Diaz for providing the great questions for this podcast episode.


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